10 steps to “Being Better in Business” (that require NO talent)

We get caught up in our abilities and strengths when we are working on improving ourselves or our businesses. But there are things we can do to improve our bottom line even if we do not have a particular talent in the work we are performing. It comes down to our ability to reduce our bad habits and improve our good habits. Try these 10 things as a priority and watch your results improve significantly.

1) Be On Time!
How often do you miss judge how long it will take you get somewhere and consequently turn up late for an appointment? When you put a meeting into your diary, also block out travel time before it. Make sure the travel tie includes time to pack up the things you will need eg computer, water, marketing materials, uniforms or gym gear. Plus include time for getting petrol or being stuck in traffic or finding and walking from a parking spot. Blocking this time out will mean you do not feel rushed or flustered before a meeting. Make it a habit to be where you say you are going to be at the time you said you were going to be there. And finally don’t try and put too many appointments into one day that cause you to be behind.

2) Be Prepared
Some of the things mentioned above count in being prepared. Other ideas include building a sales presentation well in advance of the meeting by blocking out tie in your diary. Make sure your diary includes EVERYTHING you need to get to and included addresses etc in the diary entries. Ensure you refer to your diary multiple times a day. Organizational things like having your clothes clean and ready also fall into this step.

3) Have a strong work ethic
If you commit to doing something by a particular time then be diligent in making sure you do. Only commit to a timeframe you know you can achieve so you make this outcome possible. When you become known as someone who does what they say they will do by the expected date then your credibility raises with your customers and peers. Once you cultivate this credibility then if something out of your control really does hinder your deliverable then people around you will be sympathetic and understanding when you explain why you couldn’t deliver. I have a saying that I use when I have a lot of deliverables and am getting stressed. I say to myself “the important things always get done”. This calms me and lets me focus on “first things first” because I have also proven to myself that I always get the important things done. When you have a strong work ethic it is easy to expect or request more from others and they usually step up to that expectation.

4) Make an effort
Putting the time and dedication in to achieve more in every one of your projects puts you in the top 5% of the population. Having pride in what you do is evident to others and raises your credibility. Strive to do all your tasks better than you did last time and put in an effort that you are proud of. When you have over a deliverable, you want to feel that you did your best and made an effort every single time.

5) Then do extra
Once you have a finished deliverable, go back over it and do better. Going the extra mile pays of in multiples. For example, if you are able to average 5 new customers a week in your business, get those 5 new customers early in the week and then do extra. Raise your averages to raise your success. Do this over and over and over again to really stand out from your competition.

6) Be coachable
There are always learning experiences. Look at what is going right and what is going wrong for you in business and in your personal life and learn from those. Look for people who are doing better than you at something and study why they are achieving. Also study why some people or businesses have failed so you can avoid those mistakes. Never believe you know enough or more than someone else. Listen with an open mind and then make educated decisions. Making a decision and then learning from it is more important than not thinking about or analysing what is going on around you.

7) Have the right attitude
Have the attitude of a winner. Always thinking like someone who is overworked, unhappy, stressed or unfulfilled will not help you to make the right decisions in Business or in your personal life. Make educated decisions with an attitude of abundance rather than scarcity. Understand that there definitely is a way (or more than one way) for you to achieve your outcome. Be definite and positive and then make stuff happen. The right attitude will help people around you have confidence and make you more pleasant to work with.

8) Keep your energy high
In business, there is always so much to do. Your “To Do List” should never be empty. Of course, you need to balance your life the best you can, but one way to do this is to have lots of energy to get everything done. This means you need to exercise and keep your body strong, nourish your body with good food and get enough sleep and relaxation. These habits are important for long term energy levels that you can draw on to ensure your success in your endeavours. It is much harder to get the important things done if you are feeling lethargic and low. It is also important to have passion and excitement for what you are doing. If you are not passionate about what you are trying to achieve it is going to be much harder to get the important things done. Lastly people are drawn to high energy people. It gives others motivation and inspiration if they are around high energy people. You will need to be the motivator of your team to get results. So, stay motivated and high energy yourself.

9) Have confident body language
People are drawn to confidence. Confidence shows through even when you are not talking. Having a strong torso and standing tall, with your head held high is a definitely way to look confident. It costs nothing, takes very little practise and also makes you feel great.

10) Be passionate about what you do
Enjoying the process of getting the results you are after is vital in getting results. The processes take years when the end results is often talked about as being an overnight success. To stay dedicated and to not quit requires an unwavering belief that what you are doing day to day is working and exciting to you. Having passion about a project gives you the drive to get out of bed each day and get to work. It gives you the long-term outlook rather than the need for instant results. Passion brings advocates to your cause and makes you feel empowered and important. Passion in your work will help you feel needed and give you the momentum to get results.

These 10 practices do not take special skill or intelligence. They do however, take time to perfect. Working on 1% improvement every week will help you build the skills you need to be successful at whatever you choose to succeed at.

Take to time to work on each one of these principles and reap the rewards of better business. Take your work to new levels and feel inspired.