How do you find more people to talk to about your opportunity?


When I train new distributors in my team they ALWAYS ask how they can find enough people to talk to about their opportunity. Here are 5 ideas to help you add to your prospecting list. The goal here is to show you how you can keep meeting new people and always have names you can add to your list. The theory here is you may not get to talk to all of these people about your opportunity, but you will see that you have a never ending list of people to talk to about your opportunity. Also, if you had 5 people on your list and talked to three people and got told NO three times– you can feel desperate that you only have 2 more people to talk to and therefore may not be able to succeed at Network Marketing. Conversely, if you have over 100 people on your list and it is always growing then you will feel more comfortable about your future in your Network Marketing business.

1. Go back to your initial prospecting list – When we get started we are all taught to write our prospecting list (also known as contact list, customer list, client list, business associate list, etc). After the initial burst most people never refer back to their original list nor do they add to it regularly. So pull out your original list and keep it on hand always. Add to it immediately by using a memory jogger (see and think outside your immediate circle of friends and family to people you associate with less frequently. Examples may be cousins, tradespeople who have done work on your house or on family members houses, the owner of the local bakery or parents of kids in your children’s sports team. The list is endless. Don’t judge whether these people would use your product or be good in Network Marketing. The point of this list is simply to trigger your ideas as to who to talk to when you are inviting people to see your opportunity. Once you do talk to people on this list, whether they become your customer, team member or neither, you must still ask them for referrals. Often people can think of friends or family that may be interested in what you have spoken to them about. This has the effect of tripling the size of your list – or more.

2. Seek out new contacts in your Local Community. We all live in a community – whether it be large or small; there are always new people joining our community and people we have not met yet. Many of us don’t actively work to meet our neighbours. But meeting the people who live close to you serves many benefits – social, safety, networking and a feeling of belonging. Volunteering in the community also has the same benefits and is a great way to meet people. As you meet people in your local community, add them to your prospecting list.

3. Join groups or classes. A great way to meet new people and learn new skills is to join local groups that fulfil a gap you have. For example, the local Toastmasters Club is a great way to learn public speaking which will serve you well in your Network Marketing Business. Or a course that teaches aspects of personal development, blog writing, entrepreneurship or any other skill that you are looking to hone. The other attendees are like minded and may fit well with the Network Marketing opportunity you are offering. Remember to always build relationships with others and don’t immediately SELL your opportunity. Learn to sell yourself first. As you become the leader others want to follow, your business will grow. The more personal development work you do, the more people will want to be a part of your team.

4. Online marketing – The 2 most important rules in online marketing for Networkers are:

a. Separate your product marketing from your opportunity marketing – If people see your products and are interested in becoming your customer, look after them as customers first. Make sure they are happy with your products or services and getting results before you ask them for referrals or invite them to see your opportunity. If people are interested in your opportunity then you can immediately talk to them about both your products or service and the business side. But make sure you know what they want to achieve and ask about them first. You want to develop a business friendship based on integrity. You need to help that individual and care about their personal success.

b. If you are linking up with people via social media, get to know them before you tell them about your business opportunity. Too often, online marketers spam people about their opportunity before they build rapport and therefore do not get the results they were seeking.

Whichever online marketing tools you choose become a dedicated student on that platform. Don’t expect overnight results. The more you become an expert at your chosen online marketing platform, the better your results in your network marketing business.

5. Meet 2 new people EVERY day – As a professional Network Marketer (or even a new and motivated Network Marketer) you need to make it your goal to meet 2 or more new people EVERY day. Many of my leaders have come from me meeting strangers, getting to know them over a short or long period of time and them asking me “What do you do?” They rarely join straight away but they watch what I am doing and then start asking questions. I get very excited when new friends start asking in-depth questions about my business because I know they are curious about whether my opportunity would be good for them or not. This is when people ASK to join the opportunity rather that me having to ask them. Getting into the habit of meeting 2 new people everyday means you are practicing your trade and then, when the right person comes along you will be prepared to help them become successful in your organisation. You attract great people into your team and then you can teach others to do the same.

Once you have your ever-growing list, the goal then is to strengthen these relationships and work out which of these people need YOUR products, service, business opportunity or vehicle to their dreams. You learn the art of having endless prospects and then you teach this skill to your team. Once that happens your organisation will grow larger than your wildest dreams.