Getting your Network Marketing Business Started Correctly


There are many company specific Network Marketing “Systems” out there that really help distributors build their businesses. But don’t despair if your network does not yet have an obvious system.  The truth is they all have the same important 10 steps to success.  Follow these steps continuously through your Network Marketing journey, keep it simple, and watch your business grow.

Step 1 – Write down your Dreams. These are your personal desires of things you want to Be, Do or Have in your life.  If money was not an issue, what would you like to achieve or leave as a legacy when you’re gone?  What is really important to you?  Most people don’t take the time to think about or write their Dreams down.  It is very important to clarify what you want to make happen in your lifetime because this gives you a roadmap to follow and motivates you when things get tough.  I have written extensively about Dreams in my book – “Extraordinary You – A Woman’s Guide to Having it All”.

Step 2 – Set some Milestones or Goals for your Business.   Every MLM has ranks or achievement levels.  Decide when you are going to hit at least the first three levels.  If you have vision and understand a little about the compensation plan, get dates for when you want to hit the higher ranks.  Make sure these times are realistic so you KNOW you can achieve it.  If you happen to build faster than average you can bring the dates closer and achieve “Rockstar Levels” earlier than most but at first write down dates you feel comfortable with achieving given a high work ethic.

Step 3 – Commit to your plan. Based on your Goals in Step 2, commit to the number of presentations you will do to prospects each week, the number of training sessions you will attend or watch, the amount of training you will give your team as you enroll people.  How many hours a week are you prepared to put into your business?  Separate your personal development and training hours from your prospecting time because you must be doing both each week.  If you put all your time into learning what to do you will never get started and if you put all your time into prospecting without educating yourself you will waste time and make errors.  Be realistic with the goals you have set versus the time you are willing to commit each week.  Don’t say you will put aside 2 hours per week and couple that with a goal to make a million dollars in your first year.  Understand that MLM is a legitimate business and it takes work, commitment, persistence and time.  Put your plan into your diary and stick to it!

Step 4 – Build a list of Prospects.  You will need both customers and business builders in your team.  When you first get started it is important to write a list of at least 100 people you know.  Use the contacts on your phone, the people you are connected to on Social Media and the people you meet doing your daily activities.  Think outside your immediate area and even internationally.  You’ll be surprised how big a list you can write if you put the time into this step.  At first do not decide for others if you think they will join you or not.  Just write everyone’s names down.  Make sure you have over 100 names before you move on to the next step.  The reason for this is if you only have 3 names on a list and you started to call them and the first 2 said “no” to you, then you feel rejected and worried that your business will not get off the ground.  But if you have over 100 people and the first 2 say “no” to you, you are less worried and it is easier to stick to the plan you committed to in Step 3.  Think of people in all areas of your life.  People you see once or twice a year like Dentist, landscaper, painter, cousins, aunts and uncles, old neighbours.  Challenge yourself to write the biggest list you can and then add to it daily with new people you think of and new people you meet everyday.

Step 5 – Contact and invite your prospects to see your opportunity and products. It takes practice to get this right so be patient and don’t give up on yourself.  When you first start inviting friends to see your opportunity, invite people who will support you even when you don’t have all the knowledge yet.  Explain that you are new to this and don’t have all the answers but would love them to hear what you have to say while you are learning the ropes. Your invitation to your prospects needs to be on the phone or face to face. In the majority of cases email is simply a waste of time.  It is fine to send a follow up or confirmation email after you have invited your prospect to see the opportunity and/or products/services but if you are relying on email as a way to invite then you must realize that you are avoiding the real work you need to do – contact people personally.  This is often where people feel fear and quit before they have even got started.  This is where distributors often start to make excuses and where procrastination takes hold.  Therefore this is the first task that really needs to be practiced and attempted again and again.   Don’t give up.  Be happy and excited about what you and your prospect can achieve together.  Make sure this excitement is expressed over the phone because people are more likely to want to get involved in something with a happy, excited or upbeat person.

Step 6 – Show the presentation.  The simple fact is, the more presentations you do to prospects the faster your business will grow.  Presentations can be one-on-one or one-to-many, in person or through video conferencing like Skype, Google Hangout or Zoom.  Don’t expect others to do this for you, as the sooner you take control of the growth of your business the better for you and your team.  Your goal here is to find a solution to your prospects’ problems.  If they have a health issue, do you have a solution for them?  If they don’t have enough money to retire, do you have a solution for them? etc.  As you do more presentations you will work out language that suits your nature and style but in the beginning you can borrow what you learn form leaders in your company.  Chances are your company will have a standard presentation available for you to use, many examples of leaders on YouTube and maybe webinars that you can learn from.  Webinars are a great way to introduce your prospects to your opportunity while you are learning and they are a great teaching tool for your team.  If possible, use testimonials about your product or service – remember “Facts TELL and Stories SELL”. Stick to the company protocols about making claims about your product or service.  Don’t exaggerate the benefits.  A format for your presentation could be

  1. Start with your reason for being in front of the audience,
  2. Information about your products or services
  3. Why the audience should be looking at Network Marketing and Why Now?
  4. Special Facts about your Company
  5. A Summary of the Compensation Plan.

Make your presentation 45 minutes to 1 hour – No Longer!  That means that lots of information will go unsaid – that is fine.  Pick out the things that are most important to people in making a decision.  Do not do a Q&A session afterwards as you want to keep control of the presentation.  During the presentation give people an understanding of how they get your product or service at wholesale or retail and how they can become a part of your team.  Finish with handing out your enrolment form or directing them on their smartphones as to how to enrol straight away.

Step 7 – Follow up.  Always have a date for next steps with everyone in the room.  If they want to become business builders meet with them the next day for training.  If they said “no” to the opportunity but “yes” or “maybe” to the product you might want to invite them to a detailed product sampling session eg skincare or weight management session.  If they are undecided, meet with them within 48 hours to go over their thoughts and see if you have a solution for them.  You completely waste your time if you do not follow up after a presentation.  Don’t expect people to come knocking on your front door.  Instead take control and keep in touch.  Not everyone will want to join you immediately but things change and people’s decision to join you may change too.  Some people may choose to use your product or service for a while before joining the business.  Look after everyone and respect their timing.  Don’t be disheartened if people say “NO” to you.  Keep looking for the “Yeses”.

Step 8 – Keep Learning It is important that you keep up to date with what is happening in your company and in your own business.  Become an expert at understanding your backoffice and all the tools the company supplies for you, especially the reporting tools.  If they supply social media tools, become an expert at those. Keep ahead of new promotions and make sure your team knows what promotions are available.  I encourage you to go for every promotion possible.  They are designed to help you build your business the right way.

Understand your products or services well and make sure you are using all of them yourself.  Make sure your autoship is set up and you are the best example of a distributor in your company. You need to understand why Autoship is very important in your business.  From a customer perspective – they automatically receive their products without running out and then having to remember to get online and re-order.  For your business it means you are not calling your customers and downline each month to remind them to order and finally it makes sure you and your business builders are eligible to get paid.  The stronger your autoship, the stronger your business.

Your own personal development is very important.  Read books on Leadership, Sales, Presenting, Time Management, Working with Teams, Motivation etc.

Step 9 – Find a mentor or coach in your upline – Your upline cares about your success.  Find an active and successful upline whom you can learn from and ask for help.  Tap into their knowledge and learn how they reached the upper ranks.  If you are in a great team there will be presentations available for you locally or online.  It is important to stay connected to someone who can help you when you have a bad day and need someone to talk to or get advice form. If you can’t find someone upline then the company may be able to guide you to the right leader or there may be a corporate trainer or mentor available.  The team ethos of Network Marketing is very effective and can help you grow your business faster than if you try and “go it alone”.  Don’t re-invent the wheel, simply use the techniques that have worked for those in higher ranks than you

Step 10 – Teach others and duplicate your success.  As soon as you sponsor your first business builder you become a mentor and teacher to that person.  Even if you have only been in the business a few minutes longer than they have.  Take this responsibility very seriously and teach what you learn.  People will watch what you do and copy you so make sure you are setting a high standard for yourself.  Have regular training sessions and make sure every new distributor is brought into your team with great training – set them up for success.

Encourage Personal Development in your team by reading good books or listening to audios and then having your team do the same.

Encourage your whole team to go for the same promotions at the same time and see success through the whole group.

If your team is growing you should regularly be checking reports and seeing what each team member needs to do to get to the next level and make sure they understand the comp plan at that level.

Company or Upline Events and Meetings are important leverage for you.  You cannot do it all so take advantage of EVERY event available and promote, promote, promote.  The more people you get to events the faster your business will grow.  Plug your team into everything your upline is doing. Edify your upline and be nurturing to your team.

Continuously repeat all of the steps above and teach your team to do the same.  If your business growth slows down, check which of the steps above you have stopped doing and get back to them quickly.  Any problem you have in your business can be fixed by you simply personally sponsoring new people.

Be Grateful for everything you have and make the most of your opportunity.