The Importance of Mentors and Coaches in our Lives

As a Mum of 2 boys who LOVE Soccer (Football) I know the importance of regular practise under the guidance of great coaches. They also have “Study Gym” after school where they can ask questions and get more practise examples for Mathematics concepts and they have adult and student mentors at school.  Outside of school they have swim squad coaches and at gym they have group PT sessions.  The kids have so many people helping them achieve their goals.  On holidays they go to specialized camps to perfect their skills and of course they have homework to help them perfect school concepts. Add Uncles, Aunties and the whole community around them and we see massive resources to help them improve. The kids have both stated that they want to play Football for Australia.  With that goal loudly stated to all who will listen, the people around them have stepped up to play, train, coach and guide them in all areas of their lives so they can be the best they can be.  It is wonderful to watch the community support.

So why is it as adults we forget that all the field experts can help us get where we need to go faster than trial and error by ourselves.

Maybe it is because we think we know it all. Maybe it is because we have lost interest in our goals. Maybe it is because we don’t want to pay for education. I can come up with so many reasons why we DON’T get Mentors and Coaches as adults.

Let’s work on the reason why we DO need Mentors and Coaches.

A good Coach or Mentor:

  • Has processes for you to understand what you really want to achieve and hold you accountable to your goals.
  • Helps you through hurdles and roadblocks
  • Encourages behavioural change to give you more focused and intentional thoughts and actions
  • Guides you with structure, support, tools and accountability

“Coaching also has an impact on an organization’s financial performance; according to an ICF and HCI study, 60% of respondents from organizations with strong coaching cultures report their revenue to be above average, compared to their peer group.” 14 December 2014

A recent case study of mine involves a client I have worked with for 3 years who owned a small IT company. She was torn between the time she needed to be working IN her business and her family life with 2 young children and a husband who travelled a lot for work. She was stressed and not efficient with her time. Over the three years we were able to improve her focus and efficiency, outsource the repetitive jobs both at work and in the home and she increased her annual revenue by 135% between year 1 and three. She spent 2 half days at home with her kids per week and finished work in time to pick up her kids 3 days per week.  Her stress levels dropped considerably and her feeling of fulfilment went up.  She looked forward to jumping out of bed every morning.

I have also worked with a Network Marketing Mum who was stuck at an executive level within her business.  She was not moving up rank and felt she should quit because she couldn’t succeed any more.  I worked with her for 4 years to move to the top of her company’s pay plan.  She now only works 12 hours per week in her network marketing business and enjoys her substantial residual income.  She learnt new recruiting techniques and better team leadership and training.  She leveraged a lot more tools and taught her team what worked for her.  Her business went International using her system.

Having a coach is not a luxury – It’s a necessity.  We don’t like it when people in our lives comment or criticise what we are doing but when we pay a coach, they tell it like it is.  No filters. Once we understand our areas for improvement a coach can help us learn faster and with less trial and error.

When a Coach takes us down a personal development journey we find and “Digging Deep” can help diminish self-sabotage.  When we stopped beating ourselves up or putting ourselves down we can start to move forward on our goals and set ourselves up for greatness.

One of my clients kept losing good staff which was costing her money and time.  We worked on new communication techniques that she practised both at work and at home and she was able to, not only retain staff but also, through a 360 review, she was commended for her skill with others.

Whether you are clear on your goals or floating around trying to work on your purpose, a good Coach can help you succeed. Find someone you are compatible with, you trust and whose process you gel with and start your journey with them. Set your “Goals to Greatness” and be the best that you can be.

Megan Wolfenden