Building Effective Leadership Skills for your Network Marketing Business


When you study successful distributors in Network Marketing you will notice that they have developed exceptional Leadership Qualities.  These have been perfected over time – they were not born that way.  By studying and practicing the skills of leadership you too can be the leader of a large team.

The essence of Leadership is service to others. A Leader inspires others to strive for excellence. A Leader teaches, mentors and provides guidance.  True leaders put the welfare of their organization ahead of their own self-interests. Leaders need to be Hands-on when team members are new and inexperienced and give more space when team members start to take initiative.  People will go to their leader with problems so it is important to learn how to be an effective problem solver.  Great Leaders enhance the group by driving the actions of others to achieve greatness.

Leadership can seem complex because there are an overwhelming number of duties that need doing.  For example, a leader will:

  • Create and establish strategies
  • Ensure team effectiveness and efficiency
  • Communicate openly and often
  • Build solid relationships
  • Act with integrity and fairness
  • Provide counseling and direction
  •  Exert influence
  • Foster collaboration
  • Motivate, coach and develop others
  • Produce results, meet objectives and exceed goals

To avoid being overwhelmed by these complexities it is important to focus on a few key qualities and incorporate them into every action.  There is no standardized approach to effective leadership. Your effectiveness as a leader is directly proportional to how well the key qualities you focus on align with your values and your personality.

The top five qualities of a leader are:

  • Maintains and demonstrates a strong conviction about what is right
  • Develops and communicates a clear, winning vision for the team
  • Creates a high performance culture
  • Convinces rather than controls
  • Continually learns
  1.  Maintaining and demonstrating strong convictions gives leaders their credibility. Showing integrity, leading by example, being personally accountable and striving for excellence need to be visible attributes in leaders. In the end the team will want to know you can be trusted and therefore all your actions need to be seen as being the right actions for the whole team.
  2. A clear and compelling winning vision is the cornerstone of building a successful organization.  In network marketing the leaders need to rally the team to go for ALL company promotions that the company makes available. The team in each region should commit at the same time.  This raises the whole team and means that at the next convention there will be massive rank advancements on stage and the whole team will be raised up and excited. This will push momentum up. As a leader you need to show everyone that they CAN achieve their dreams and working harder and faster as a team gets results.  When people are rewarded on stage for their advancements you need to be their biggest cheerleaders as they took your vision and ran with it.  They must see that their success matters to you.
  3. A clear and articulate vision of the future for the whole
    team needs to be discussed, promoted and bought into.  When the team knows
    that X number at each rank will be created in the team over the next year they
    want to be a part of it and work together to raise everyone up.  The
    Leader encourages personal sponsoring and autoship throughout the entire team.
    This is modelled from the top leaders.  The vision must include measurable
    indicators of progress and success.  Having a goal for the number of award
    winners for trips and incentives is very inspiring to all.  If a leader
    can say “We will have 200 distributors qualify for our next incentive travel
    trip” and then show that it happened using photos on Facebook and other social
    media then everyone feels good about those goals and want to be part of the
  4. Long term business strategies include expectations of how many presentations, training, new distributor inductions, new members joining, team calls and webinars will be going on in your team in each region.  The primary focus will always be the annual company regional and international conventions.  Having this schedule readily available to all new and current team members is vital.  If active team members know what the expectation is for number of events and knows the support they will get with new team members then the culture is set for success.
  5. A High Performing Culture where the leaders are leading by example promotes faster growth in your organisation.  Build your team to WIN by mentoring and assessing progress and stretching and challenging top players.  Drive a culture of open and fast communication that supports changes in business conditions.  Be inclusive at all levels within your organization and leverage the diversity within your team.  Continually raise the bar and do not get complacent and move into “Management” mode. Always lead by example.  People watch what you do and if you slow down, most people in your team will too. If you have a lot of different groups moving up I ranks then other members of your team can see that your are working and getting even better results in your own organisation.

A great leader teaches people to engage in the right  behaviours, gains by-in, and  influences them to perform at a high level. They project self confidence without arrogance and use high-impact, efficient communication vehicles to get their point across.

Professional leaders are continuously learning and improving their skills of both leadership and business building.  Regularly conduct honest self assessment to see if your leadership is working or needs improvement and practice.  Watch other leaders with different knowledge, experience and perspective and read books on leadership to get new ideas and strategies you can put into place.

Your leadership style will be uniquely yours, so focus on what is important to you as a leader.  Do you want to be thought of as nurturing, tough but fair, energetic, bold, calm, focused, helpful, a good mentor, direct, approachable, honourable, a great motivator, a great sponsorer, a great teacher, personable, good at recognition, clear communicator, good role model, or a dream builder? Decide what your leadership legacy will be and work towards that consistently over a long period of time.

In summary, the essence of leadership is service to others.  Don’t be overwhelmed by all the skills you need; rather perfect certain skills as your team needs them from you.  Your role as a leader is more critical than ever.  How well you learn to lead determined how quickly you will rank up to the highest levels in your organisation.  Be patient with yourself and leave an incredible Leadership Legacy.