Courage After Cancer

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Recover from cancer and use your experience to build the life of your dreams. Personally signed copy of Megan’s book with a note in your name.

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It was 74 days after my 50th Birthday that I was diagnosed with a fast-growing Breast Cancer. What a shock! 4 Operations and 26 Chemo sessions later and I had to start rebuilding my life. Physically, I needed to get back to normal, I had to re-set my mind, get back to a good financial position and then excel in all areas to ensure that “The best was yet to come”.

This is a story about my journey after cancer and interviews with five incredible survivors. I want to take you with me on these journeys so you can be inspired and see how to rebuild your own life once you get your energy back. You can recover from cancer and use your experience to build the life of your dreams. Your Best Life is Yet to Come!

In Part 1 you will realise that everyone’s journey is different and unique but there are plenty of similarities in the way we feel and the actions of the people around you. Know that you are not alone and there is a lot to look forward to once your treatment is over or you go on a maintenance plan. Learn how I coped with the initial shock of learning I had Cancer and how I planned my journey and took control of my life.

In Part 2 you will find tools and tips to help you improve your physical, mental and financial success. Each idea can be implemented as needed. You will be inspired to make small changes that can add up to huge improvements. These life hacks can make all the difference in how you are feeling about your future and what you want to achieve going forward. Each of these ideas can help you form new habits, regain your mental strength, and prove that you can take control of the important things around you. Your fate will not be left hanging because you can be a proactive participant in your future and make it exciting and fulfilling.

In Part 3 you will meet 5 other Survivors who take you through their own journeys and detail how they kept their optimism and joy for life. They share tips on how they changed their lives for the better and what they recommend you do to rebuild your physical, mental and financial health. They will inspire you with their stories and give you ideas on how you too, can make this world a better place and find the gifts in your illness.

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