How do you know if a Network Marketing company is right for YOU?


With so many choices out there it can be difficult to know which company to join.  If you have already decided that Network Marketing is a great PLAN B, then how do you choose?

Here are 5 things to consider when choosing the right company for you. Not every idea needs to be checked off for you to be successful. For example it is possible to build a great business based on products that are not quickly used up or consumed, and it is possible to build a great business without a great, helpful or successful upline, but the more of these things you can say YES to the easier it will be for you to build a great business.

1)   Products – You will be talking about the products everyday to customers and distributors, so you must really like something about them.

a.     Do you have a personal or family testimonial that makes for a great story you can tell over and over?

b.     Are the products unique in the marketplace (usually another great story) and are they patented or difficult to copy?

c.     Are you passionate about the products?

d.     Are the products consumable (used up quickly) so your customers and distributors can go on autoship? (Large autoship is the key to long term passive income)

2)   Your upline support – Make sure you set yourself up for success by having a great team you can rely on.

a.     Who is sponsoring you and do they have great upline support?

b.     Do you have access to people at high ranks who could mentor or guide you?

c.     Do they provide great training either via Youtube or websites or live webinars or events?

d.     Do you have access to someone who could help out with three-way calls and meetings while you are learning?

3)   The Compensation Plan – How you get paid is crucial for ensuring the long term viability of your business. While you might not understand the finer points of the compensation plan, you need to have access to the training and get a good overview of how each type of payment works.

a.     How do you earn money when you bring on new customers or distributors?

b.     How do you get paid based on the volume of your team?

c.     How do you get paid as you move up rank?

d.     What you have to do to reach the first 3-4 ranks and how much you get paid at each rank?

e.     Can you meet people earning at all ranks and can you verify their income?

f.      Is there an audited income disclosure statement available?

g.     How much do you have to spend each month to stay active?

h.     How many active customers do you need each month?

i.      How often has the company changed the compensation plan? (Too many changes mean that there is a problem with the comp plan)

j.      Can you build globally and get paid for your efforts?

4)   The Company – It should be very easy to get information on the company. Not everything you read will be verified and there will naturally be some sites posting negative comments (this happens for every company that has started to gain momentum) but overall the information should be very positive.

a.     Has the company earned some rewards in the industry?

b.     Does the company manage their debt well (There are a lot of companies out there who are debt-free and cashed up which would be my preference)

c.     What is the ownership of the company? (Family owned with very competent members or Board owned with Board having a lot of experience or is it Publically Listed?)

d.     Does the company put on events globally and reward the right activities for building the business?

e.     Is the company’s story compelling and consist of a team you want to be a part of?

5)   Other Considerations – There are plenty of other other factors that could influence your decision of who to choose to join to build your Plan B and ultimately the vehicle for building your dreams. Other things that may be important for you to research include:

a.     Are you able to do online marketing?

b.     Is there a global reach and is the company expanding successfully into new markets?

c.     Are there restrictions on how recruiting works or how your company suggests sponsoring people?

d.     Are you restricted by region or country?

e.     Is the company a member of the DSA?

f.      What stage of growth is the company at? (is it starting Momentum?)

g.     Who is the competition and could they cause an issue for you or the product or the company?

Network marketing is an incredible vehicle for reaching your goals.  Once you have decided on which company to join and which team you want to be a part of, then it becomes your turn to prove how great the company is.  Put solid effort into your business and your team and become a success and reap the rewards you deserve.