The Snowball Effect

How do you propel your Network Marketing business into exponential gains? What’s the secret to growth? These are two questions business builders often ask me as they are getting started and beginning to see results in their teams.  What they really want is to snowball their starting success and get massive results. It’s time to shift your business up a gear and get those significantly better results.

The secret to getting “The Snowball Effect” in your business, though, is in making small positive changes in your business and behavior everyday. I think of it as the 1% rule.  If you improve the way you do something by just 1% a day or a week, in the beginning the improvements are not really noticeable in your bottom line.  In other words, it won’t impact you very much this month.  (The same for small decreases in productivity or work each day for a month wont be very noticeable). However, as time goes on these small improvements compound and suddenly there is a big gap between those who improved by small amounts and those who did not make any changes.  The compounding effect of never getting back on track causes major problems to your Network Marketing Business.

 When we hear stories of success for others we think of their success as one big event, someone losing 20kg or an athlete winning the Tour De France or a business wins an award.  But the truth is, these events were many many smart decisions made daily for 6 months or many years, usually with setbacks and disappointments that could have caused them to quit before they achieved.  The most significant accomplishments in life are not stand alone events but rather the sum of all the moments when we chose to do things 1% better. And even though you are making daily improvements there will be setbacks that you cannot foresee but just have to manage as they arrive. The more you have sought to improve yourself along the way the better you will be equipped to handle problems.

“When people say they’d like to be in your shoes, it’s usually after the difficult journey is finished” – Tim Fargo

So it’s time to commit to a change or an improvement. As Jim Rohn says “Success is a few simple disciplines, practiced every day; while failure is simply a few errors in judgment, repeated every day.”

Here are some ways you can commit to improving everyday (Refer to Goals Blog for more details):

  1. Write down your dreams and goals (The “What” and the “Why”)
  2. Set a strategy for achieving these goals through your Network Marketing Business (The “How” or The “System”)
  3. Break your strategy down into actions (The “When”)
  4. Write weekly and daily plans of everything you are going to get done that relates to your goals (The “Commit”)
  5. Have a rule that if you miss something on one day, it MUST be completed the next day (The “Never Miss Twice” Rule)

Numbers 4 and 5 above are really about Mastering your Habits.  When you have self discipline and learn to master your habits and focus on the important tasks in your life (that are truly actions that create results in your Network Marketing Business or in your life) then positive results will follow. This is when the Snowball Effect has enough energy to start gaining momentum and eventually take off and grow your business at a phenomenal rate.

The “Never Miss Twice Rule” is very important because it’s the compound effect of never getting back on track that causes problems. But not letting important tasks drop off your radar and making sure all the important things get done as soon as possible, means that you will stay on track even when life’s challenges get in your way or you need to put out unexpected fires.

Let’s look at what activities are the most important in your Network Marketing Business.  What do you think is your number 1 most important thing to keep doing to grow your business?  I will give you a hint.  When people come to me with problems in their business I say “Every problem you have can be solved by personally sponsoring more people and teaching your team to do the same”.  If you improved in just that activity you would smash your current monthly, quarterly and annual growth goals. This can be the scariest thing for people to do – It falls in the “Important but not Urgent” category so people procrastinate on making prospecting calls and delay success in their Network Marketing Business.  1 prospecting call done EVERY DAY for a MONTH creates the habit but compounded over a year creates the snowball effect.  Increasing your daily calls from 1 to 2 or 2 to 3 etc puts your business into upwards momentum.  Teaching this to your active team members means that you can create a business you can be truly proud of.

“Successful people are simply those with Successful Habits” – Brian Tracy

Every business starts small.  This is just like the snowball analogy.  It takes work to even start the small snowball. As you start creating a bigger and bigger snowball the work becomes harder and harder.  In your network marketing business you are the leader and at first you do not have any builders in your team.  We usually start out with customers who think they might like to build a business after they have tried the products.  Slowly you get some team members who also start to bring people to meetings and events.  You do the training, the motivation and the troubleshooting.  Everyone is on a learning curve but they look to you as the expert.  Your phone starts ringing off the hook with questions and you work long hours.  At this point the money does not usually look impressive against the hours you have done, but this is just before the momentum takes off.  With the snowball this is just before gravity starts to assist you.   This is a time when some people quit and say “it didn’t work”.  But with perseverance you will reap rewards.  This is where your goals become very important and you need laser focus and commitment to your goals.  There are no “Get-Rich Schemes” just proper businesses that take work, that have ups and downs, and that can lead you to your dreams if you put the sweat and tears into it.

The key lessons is “Don’t quit too early” and “don’t expect success to be quick or easy”